From the desk of The Irrational Library, Joshua calls out to you Haarlemtown. For the last 16 years he has been among you, seen you and has gotten to know you. And now from the depths of Haerlemse Bodem he will rise to meet you, Haarlemtown. To once a month share and deal with you a little slice of life here in Haarlemtown. A slice of life taken from our communal feast. One for all of us to be nourished upon as we go about our Haarlemtown days.

This year I am honored to not only be presenting the Jupiler Stage at Bevrijdingspop for the 5th year in a row but also the oppurtunity to perform with my band The Irrational Library on the mother fucking mainstage!  Since attending B’pop for the first time 18 years ago, I have always wanted to make my presence here in H023rlemtown known from that stage in the Hout. This year, with some of my best friends and the collaborators I have been waiting years to work with, I finally get that chance.  I know that I have put in the time and worked hard to get there.  Regardless of what I may think or feel about how the festival has grown or changed, the fences, the security, the not being able to bring any of your own food or drink inside, I am still honored to take part in Bevrijdingspop.  To make it less about “pop” and more about “presence”.

This year I perform with my band The Irrational Library on the mother fucking MainStage!

But what I am most honored about is that I have also been asked to take part in the 4th of May Herdenkenings concert on that same stage in the Hout.  As a poet/spoken word performer this is a very special invitation. One that in the last years has been something I also wished to accomplish.  The Herdenkenings concert is a moment without too much fanfare, an oppurtunity to in a sober and somewhat somber tone speak to the people of H023rlemtown about the present and the past.  How the two combine to create whatever it is that our future may be.  As the “unofficial” city poet of H023rlemtown, I am humbled by this invitation and am working hard to get my words in order.

I joke with my wife and friends that since I am so present on B’pop this year that maybe they should change the name to Baumgartenpop.  Ok ok, maybe that goes a bit too far, let me keep my ego in check.  But this year is a special one for me.  I am thankful for it all.  That the work I put into my “craft” and all of the social connections that I have built up in this our complex yet comfortable city do not go unnoticed.  I have to tell you that it is a great feeling to have ones work appreciated and recognized and then to be able to share it with you all.

This is an honor in itself.

Funny though, this I never learned in school but just by being engaged with life.

Hope to see you all there in the Hout on the 4th and the 5th.

H023rlemtown let us together liberate ourselves from our mental slavery!

See ya

And please

Though I am not a man who prays quite often

Let us beg the universe for some fucking sun.




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