From the desk of The Irrational Library, Joshua calls out to you Haarlemtown. For the last 16 years he has been among you, seen you and has gotten to know you. And now from the depths of Haerlemse Bodem he will rise to meet you, Haarlemtown. To once a month share and deal with you a little slice of life here in Haarlemtown. A slice of life taken from our communal feast. One for all of us to be nourished upon as we go about our Haarlemtown days.

Children of Haarlemtown
I call out to you

For I have taken notice
and see you,

work together with a number
of you
enjoy helping to nuture you
have love for you
but do ask of

who the fuck
are you?

Students of ECL
Slaves to Steiner
Bloemenbabies of Hartenlust
what does your heart lust for
Mendel brainiacs and
Stedelijk students of dead languages
what do you all really have
to say?

Children of Haarlemtown
high off of hormones, beer and cigarettes
swinging together under the lamplights
of the Parksessies and the Patronaat,
bumping and grinding your young bodies
against an undefined future,
depressed and doodmoe
never forget there is always a place
in Haarlemtown for you.

Children of Haarlem
don’t ever doubt that your parents
do love you
want so much for you
and wonder how hard or soft
we need to push you
to be present.
But do please be kind to your ouders
try not to stress them to hard
and know they too
were once fire blooded, freakout out
and alcohol fueled,
young dumb and full of cum horndogs
fucking under the mooonlight in the Hout,
wild and reckless nympho nymphs rolling
in the North Sea surf,
railing against the Haarlem rules
back when there was no Magister
to make sure they showed up
at school.

Children of Haarlemtown
show us the middle aged marauders
who have not given up on life just yet
that you are present here amongst us.

So create for us
and give us and
your peers
something for all of
our ears and eyes
to bewonder.

For we
the aging and greying parents
of the children of Haarlemtown,
we will be here for you
waiting to catch you
and if and when you fall
to pick you back up
and guide you
always forward

Children of Haarlemtown
we, the attention deficit adults of Haarlemtown
we will set aside our all so important lifes
to welcome you
and make the time and space
to challenge you,
to get busy with your lifes,

for we
the grown-up geezers of Haarlemtown
want to see what you,
the Children of Haarlemtown
will do with
all that we have created
and provided
for you.


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